With his performances all over the world, and as voice trainer to famous Dutch singers, Kees Taal regularly finds himself in unusual situations. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes.
The question on everyone?s lips beforehand was whether the duet with Callas would work on a relatively small round screen. Judge for yourself.
With Catherine Keyl and her guest Andries Knevel after the live broadcast.
AriaClips, a Red Carpet Event
The recording of an interview with Angela Groothuizen had to be squeezed in to the interval of the show ?Ariaclips? at the Panama.
Stars in the Arena
Rehearsals in an empty Arena. Everyone worked hard and there was a great atmosphere.
Moskou, Miljonair Fair
It is not every day that you get the chance to pose with a panther. But this is exactly what happened at the Millionaires? Fair in Moskow..
And best of all, the following day, I got to pose with a leopard, the panther was too big to sit on my lap.