Singing Dutchman    
Kees Taal has just come back from Moscow, where he could be seen on MTV, It almost goes without saying that he was immediately invited to sing there again. Internationally our very own tenor is knocking on the door of success. Last year he sang in, among other places, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. Next year China will be added to his list. Kees Taal has already been seen on television in the U.S.A., Germany, Greece and of course, regularly on Dutch television, as recently on Nederland 1 singing "live" on the show from the very popular Dutch "Ophrah Winfrey"; Catherine Keyl. The combination of his lovely voice, perfect technique and challenging performance appeals to a wide and international audience.

Glamour Tenor

Kees Taal has sung on all the big stages in Holland, among which can be numbered the

"Amsterdam Arena", The Heineken Music Hall, the Paradiso and the Ahoy - venues where you can also expect to see the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. With a great diversity of events, like pop festival Lowlands and the Millionaire Fair, Kees Taal has a reputation for quality and accessibility. That's why he is in great demand at high-profile events like the Flying Doctors Gala, the opening of the Bijenkorf in Maastricht and the opening of the American football season, where his remarkable contribution always enriches the event. No wonder he numbers lots of celebrities among his fans (and his pupils).

Red Carpet Event

The red carpet went out in the Panama in Amsterdam on 3 October 2004 for the introduction of the CD and multimedia concept of Kees Taal,. A unique multimedia show with 7 aria's, 7 Duets and 7 solos by his illustrious guests in a spine-tingling mix of traditional music, pop music and musical.

Karin Bloemen, Monique Klemann, Janke Dekker, sopraan Wiebke Goetjes, Rob Pelzer (Rex, Romeo), Jerrel Houtsnee (Lion King), Jennifer van Brenk (Romeo, Beauty & the Beast), Peter Rip and the Mariachi-group Hotel A fine selection of Dutch artists excelling in opera, cabaret, pop music and musical theatre gave extra brilliance to this spectacular evening. An evening which was a showcase for the ideas of Kees Taal, and received plaudits from a wide- ranging and enthusiastic audience. The seamless and fast alternation of several kinds/genres of music with high quality and a surprising performance had the whole audience on the edge of their seats.



"Aria Clips" give Kees Taal the chance to give full expression to the emotions contained in the operatic aria by means of a spectacular performance, with video images and unique theatrical orchestration. The aria represents compressed emotion, the singer's exclamation of love, for revenge, grief, hope and despair. The toreador of singing; the operatic tenor, expresses his feelings at the top of his lungs. Originally the aria was the monologue in a drama.

At the end of the middle ages the Italians revived the ancient Greek drama in song form. Opera was meant as a visual spectacle. For this reason the operatic aria is also highly suitable for creating an atmosphere, in a film, a commercial, a fashion show or at a football match. Kees Taal uses these elements to shape his Aria Clips. The emotion of the arias of Puccini or Verdi comes to life in a unique theatrical orchestration. Each aria is as sculptured as an MTV clip.

A duet with video, a dance with the audience, a theatrical orchestration in sound and vision, with which the listener also becomes witness and experiences a unique multimedia spectacle.